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About Global investigative & management solution

Global Investigative & Management Solutions is composed of a small team of seasoned experts who specialize in problem-solving. Our team possesses the diverse talent and unique skills that are essential to provide your organization with personalized investigative, training and consultation services. We offer powerful, long-term solutions to the unique challenges facing people and organizations. We have a diagnostic team at your disposal to handle a variety of unique challenges. Please take a look at our talented staff, investigators and instructors.

About Our Leader

Lieutenant Maurice Hicks conducted hundreds of investigations in the public and private sectors. He has earned numerous awards and commendations from several state, federal and local law enforcement agencies. Some of these agencies include: the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United State's Attorney's Office, the United States Marine Corps, The Maryland Law Enforcement Officer's Association and the Veterans of Foreign War. 

Lieutenant Maurice Hicks is a highly motivated prior service United States Marine. He has over 30 years of investigative experience. Lieutenant Maurice Hicks is board certified in Security Management. He earned the prestigious Certified Protection Professional Certification from the American Society of Industrial Security.  Lieutenant Maurice Hicks earned a Master's Degree in Management and a Certificate in Police Executive Leadership from Johns Hopkins University. He also earned a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology from the University of Maryland.

Investigative Experience

Detective Hicks worked in and/or commanded a variety of investigative units including: Robbery, Homicide, Major Narcotics, Vice, Intelligence, Financial Crimes, Sexual Assaults, Carjacking and Auto Theft.

Detective Hicks was the lead investigator on an FBI Safe Streets Task Force for over two years. He conducted numerous joint investigations with several federal agencies including: the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Army Criminal Investigation Division, the Naval Investigative Service, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol, and Firearms, the Immigration and Naturalization, the United States Customs Service and the United States Postal Inspector's Office. Some of the highlights of Detective Hicks’s career include the arrest and conviction of members of a violent drug organization who were responsible for over 12 murders, the arrest and conviction of scores of large scale drug traffickers and the arrest and conviction of a notorious serial rapist. Detective Hicks is a recognized expert in wiretap and search and seizure law.

The book entitled "Police Investigation," Detective Hicks demonstrates his vast knowledge of these laws as well as his experience in clandestine operations. Detective Hicks is currently working on a new book entitled "Thou shall not kill." The book talks about a complex murder investigation in the Washington-Metropolitan area. Detective Hicks served as the Special Assistant to the Public Safety Director.

He is a key contributing author of the Emergency Operations Manual for a Maryland County. Detective Hicks spent the majority of his law enforcement career as a Detective, Detective Sergeant, and Detective Lieutenant.