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Executive protection & security

Today many business and political leaders face substantial personal risks and risks to their loved ones. Developing protecting strategies to secure these high profile clients require enormous cognitive sophistication. Expert planning and coordination is imperative.

Global Agents has spent over 30 years perfecting the necessary skills to design the appropriate protection strategies to protect high risk clients. We also understand that significance of balancing our clients’ safety needs as well as their need for mobility and their need to maintain a good quality life.

Our leader, Maurice R. Hicks, Sr. is uniquely qualified to lead our group of protection agents. Lieutenant, Maurice R. Hicks, Sr., provided personal protection for the Director of Public Safety in Prince George’s County, Maryland. He also led the protection detail for the County Executive for Prince George’s County.

What makes our company unique is our combination of personal protection skills and our extensive investigative skills. With over 30 years of experience in the field, rest assured that we will design a personalized protection strategy that will ensure our clients personal safety and peace of mind.

Private Security Services

Global provides customized armed & unarmed security services to meet the unique needs of our clients. We provide a variety of security services which are listed below:

Arts Shows

We provide security and escort services for high end art dealers

Car Dealerships

We provide security and escort services for high end art dealers

Commercial Offices

Rest assured that we can provide security for a variety of commercial establishment to ensure your employees’ peace of mind.

Construction Sites

You will not lay awake a night worrying about losing critical construction equipment. We can secure that equipment for you at a competitive price.


If you are concerned about your safety while attending a funeral, we will go with you.

Gated Communities

We will ensure that your visitors have seamless access to your community. Conversely, we will make sure that potential intruders are screened and restricted from entering your community.

High End Retail Stores

We will provide trained and properly attired security professionals that fit into your corporate culture.

Jewelry Shows

We realize that the fear of theft or robbery can steal your peace of mind. Our security professionals will enhance your peace of mind and discourage criminals from targeting your business.

Security Surveys

We provide security surveys on a variety of churches and commercial facilities. We will provide an extensive survey of your organization’s business practices to identify potential weaknesses and threats. At the conclusion of our survey, we provide a detailed written report that includes our analysis, our research and appropriate recommendations to eliminate the threats. We will provide information on the most economical way to solve the problem based on the professional standards of the private security industry.

Spot Checks on a Variety of Properties

If your company has an unanticipated emergency like a leakage or power outage, we are there to help.

Stand Bys For Leaks & Power Outages

If your company has an unanticipated emergency like a leakage or power outage, we are there to help.

Termination Escorts

If you anticipate a problem terminating an employee, do not handle it on your own. We can indiscreetly accompany your managers to ensure that the process is carried out as safely as possible.