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Missing and lost Relatives Locates

We really enjoy bringing people together!

You can count on our seasoned investigators to locate important people who have impacted your life. Our private investigators specialize in locating: family members, friends, teachers, classmates, co-workers, former lovers and other people who have signficantly impacted the lives of our client.  We can locate people anywhere in the United States. In some cases, we can locate someone in another country.

We have located past lovers, former classmates, former teachers, biological parents, siblings, adopted children, dead beat parents, armed forces comrades, missing heirs, former neighbors, etc.

We are also very skilled at locating people who fail to pay their debts. If you are a landlord who is losing money from the tenant who skipped out on you, we want to help. We will locate and serve the appropriate civil papers to your evasive tenants.

We have helped individuals and companies to retrieve over $200,000 in money that was owed to them in the past year alone. Please see testimonial section for additional information.

Are your facing a criminal or civil case where a witness can make or break the case? If so, please give us a call. You do not have to face the situation alone. We will locate the witness for you and either serve the subpoena for you or facilitate service of the subpoena if the individual is located in another jurisdiction. What are you waiting for! Don't lose another wink of sleep. We will work hard to resolve these problems for you. Give us a call today at (702) 856-4338. Your relief is just a phone call away.

Infidelity Investigations

Our firm is a proud member of the National Association of Investigative Specialists.

There are a lot of terms that can be used to describe the betrayal experienced by many Americans. These terms include but are not limited to: Marital Infidelity, Sexual Unfaithfulness, Adultery, Extra-marital Affair, Cheating spouse, Cheating lover, Spousal betrayal, Emotional unfaithfulness, Cheating, Infidelity, On line infidelity, Marital infidelity, Marital unfaithfulness, Internet cheating or emotional unfaithfulness. 

No matter what term is used marital infidelity can have a significant impact not only on the spouse or loved one but the entire family. In addition to the emotional scars that are inflicted upon the victim. Victims often are exposed to significant health risks the longer the infidelity goes undetected. 

The sooner victims can determine that their spouse is cheating, the quicker the victims can move on with their lives. Research has demonstrated that marital infidelity, once an act mainly committed primarily by men, is a behavior that is being repeated frequently by women. It is important to realize that cheating spouses are not restricted by gender or age. We discovered that cheaters are young and old.

We will document your spouse's actions during a well-orchestra surveillance. Some incriminating evidence that we often uncover include: videotaped and/or photographic evidence of the subject kissing, holding hands, hugging, having a romantic dinner, inappropriate dancing together, trips to hotels, motels, residences and/or the subject sitting in a car that is parked in a secluded area. This information will can be crucial in Matrimonial or Divorce

You may ask how we assist you in determining if your spouse is cheating. We can gather information using a variety of sources. Some of these techniques are listed below:

We will work with your attorney to provide the best possible outcome for you in a divorce or custody hearing. Don't delay any longer! Give us a call today at (702 )856-4338.

Many of the women who were surveyed by an Australian research firm stated that they cheated not because of emotional lapses in their marriages, they cheated because they felt because they worked hard that they deserved to engage in their sexual escapades.

If your spouse exhibits these behaviors, it is time We want to help you obtain peace of mind. We want to provide you with an objective opinion to confirm or deny your suspicions. Why would you hire a private investigator instead of doing the investigation on your own?

Courts make decisions based on evidence and not speculation. You may have a strong hunch that your spouse is cheating. However, without evidence this information will not be accepted by the courts. It much more beneficial to use an impartial party who is trained to bring all facts to light.

If you see your spouse with someone, you way get emotional and/or violent and jeopardize getting other incriminating evidence.  Your investigator will likely have access to information and sources that you cannot get access to. You need an impartial person to explain to the court everything that happened!

We have caught multiple cheaters. If you feel cheated or if that someone is cheating on you. Give us a call right away. We understand the thought process of cheaters. Our private Investigators (PIs), Private Detectives are trained to catch the most elusive cheating spouse or unfaithful spouse. Our Private Eyes are waiting for the call.  Spousal Spying is our specialty. We take pride in catch the cheating spouse. We catch cheaters on a regular basis. 

You don't have to worry about being accused of spying on your spouse. We do the spy work for you. We will track the cheater and provide you with a detailed confidential private Investigative report on We are dedicated Investigative Consultants. We provide detailed information services regarding your missing spouses. We can locate telephone numbers and cellular phone numbers of their mistresses and boyfriends. We use this information to track your cheating spouse down. If your spouse is lying, we can catch the liar in his own web. We will bust the liar and breakdown the fortress of deceit.